Exhibition- Embroidered Stories: Hmong Fiber Arts

Exhibition- Embroidered Stories: Hmong Fiber Arts

Thursday, Oct 17, 2019 from 11:00am to 4:00pm


The exhibition features paj ntaub artworks and jewelry created by Hmong master artist and teacher, Pang Xiong Sirirathasuk Sikoun. The Hmong words paj ntaub (pronounced pa ndau) translate to “flowery cloth,” describing a combined use of appliqué, reverse appliqué, batik, and embroidery techniques to decorate traditional Hmong clothing.

Many of Pang Xiong’s paj ntaub works are created as “story cloths.” Hung as wall panels, they incorporate figurative and symbolic images to provide visual narratives on a wide range of themes—folk tales and legends, depictions of Hmong family clans, scenes from nature or Hmong village life; stories of the Hmong peoples’ migrations, narratives of wars, and painful journeys from farming villages to refugee camps. Pang Xiong’s visual representations of the Hmong oral history, folklore and life experiences are both educational and inspiring.

Location: Down Jersey Folklife Center