Historic Smithville: Living History and Encampment

Saturday, Aug 11, 2018


August 11 - 12, 2018

Saturday 10am - 8pm; Sunday 11am - 6pm

The Company K will invade Historic Smithville! A complete military and civilian camp is planned with marching drills and musket-firing demonstrations. The public is encouraged to visit and ask questions.  Historic Smithville offers 60 shoppes, 7 eateries, carousel ride, train ride and arcade, paddleboats, on site lodging at the Colonial Inn and over 26 free weekend events!

About Historic Smithville:

Historic Smithville started as a simple, one room, stage coach stop. Over the last 60 years it has blossomed into a wonderful memory-making way to spend a day or two! When entering any of our 60 shoppes you will feel the hometown, small business feel. Wander along our cobblestone walkways and over our foot bridges to discover a village that seems as if it were frozen in time.The carefully manicured grounds and attention to detail make Historic Smithville a breath of fresh air and a place you will want to visit again and again.

For questions please contact 609-748-8999.