Jersey Shore Film Festival at Oakhurst

Jersey Shore Film Festival at Oakhurst

Thursday, Jun 27, 2019 at 6:00pm



6:00pm: King Bibi

Director: Dan Shadur
Documentary Feature
Political Thriller | Israel | 87 min
English, Hebrew w/ English subtitles

The remarkable and controversial story of Benjamin Netanyahu’s rise to power, reflected through four decades of public appearances that changed Israel forever.

Twenty years before the spectacle of Donald Trump, Benjamin Netanyahu already understood the political benefits of a toxic relationship with the media, and direct communication with the public. King Bibi explores Netanyahu’s rise to power, relying solely on archival footage of his media performances over the years: from his days as a popular guest expert on American TV, through his public confession of adultery, and his mastery of the art of social media. From one studio to another, “Bibi” evolved from Israel’s great political hope, to a controversial figure whom some perceive as Israel’s savior, and others – as a cynical politician who will stop at nothing to retain his power.

Preceded by Short Film/s: From the Ashes: The Zadroga Act

8:00pm: A Mirror for the Sun

Director: Neta Ariel
Documentary Feature
Israel | 60 min
Hebrew w/ English subtitles

Tamar Ariel grew up in a religious home in a moshav in southern Israel. Encouraged to go her own way, she spent two years in National Service and then joined the IDF, where she served as the first ever Orthodox combat navigator.

In 2014, wishing for new experiences after her military service, she traveled to Nepal. With a group of other Israeli and international hikers she reached the peak of the Annapurna mountain range only to encounter an unexpected snow storm. Tamar found herself in a battle to survive.

Preceded by Short Film/s: ROUND TRIP and RAPHAEL and POSSESSED and HOME MADE

Location: The Screening Room at Torat El