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New Jersey Avenue And Boardwalk

The Mission of the Atlantic City Art Center, the only exhibiting center in the Nation located on a municipal pier extending into the Atlantic Ocean, is to provide for the Southern region of New Jersey including economically and culturally diverse constituents, the opportunity for cultural experience through high quality exhibitions, educational outreach and related arts programming at the Center and other locations such as schools, colleges, and including collaborations with corporate entities, museums, libraries, galleries and other arts organizations.

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One of Atlantic City's secret treasures, the Art Center has been providing residents and visitors alike with an unparalleled opportunity to view the work of noted national and regional artists with the beautiful Atlantic Ocean as a backdrop for the past 40 years.

Re-opening July 31, 1994 after a $5 million 2-year restoration under a 1991 City of Atlantic City bond ordinance, the pier continues to house the Atlantic City Art Center and the Atlantic City Historical Museum.

Garden Pier derived its name from the beautifully arranged flower gardens on its deck. Its previous career was a glamorous, having featured international headlines while serving as a summer setting for musicals, concerts and plays.


vanny corpus

Friday, April 13, 2012
by vanny corpus(AE,RL,Bulgari)

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Friday, Feb. 1, 2008
All art has to start to be seen somewhere, and Atlantic City Art Center is a place where some aspiring artists have a place to be displayed and recognized, and yes, critiqued by condescenders who think that all art not of "world-class" stature should be kept in the garage. Keep in mind that all free, public galleries are there to help aspiring artists gain exposure to a critical, and hopefully appreciative, audience, as well as to appear alongside the works of established artists. The difference between a "mediocre" piece of art and a "masterpiece" is its place in the journey of the artist. So...when planning a visit to any gallery, remember the phrase "art appreciation" and that art is in the eye of the beholder, and that even the art work by the "Masters" were not, and are not and will not be liked by everyone. Never should a visit to such an art gallery be considered a waste of time. In fact, if you are that picky, you can call ahead, find out whose work is on exhibit, research the artist online and then make your decision to visit or not. (For the record: (1)The Atlantic City Art Center is located on the Boardwalk at the ocean end of New Jersey Avenue, a stone's throw North of Showboat casino, and most easily accessed from the White Horse Pike/Rt. 30). (2)I am a 20+ year resident of Atlantic City, and neither an employee of the Art Center, the City of Atlantic City nor the Atlantic City Covention and Vistors Authority)

rachael rogers

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

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