10 Best Korean Restaurants in New Jersey!

If you're a fan of authentic Korean cuisine, the northeast state is the place to be. Here's a list of the 10 best Korean restaurants in New Jersey; from Parsippany to Fort Lee, you will find an oasis to get their Korean food fix. The Garden State is a paradise for Korean food, and a great time is in your future.

Keo Ku Restaurant, Parsippany, NJ

Keo Ku Restaurant brings an unparalleled flavor to the dinner table. This fun Korean eatery is perfect for a lunch break or dinner with family or friends and is a must-try for anyone looking for a finger-licking delicious Korean barbecue. Enjoy this Korean eatery's delightful nom noms, drinks, and lively atmosphere.

Dolsot House, Cherry Hill, NJ

Dolsot House is the must-visit restaurant for anyone seeking unrivaled culinary excellence! Authentic, traditional Korean recipes are prepared with ultra-fresh ingredients and served with exciting flavors. Have the culinary wonders of Dolsot House and sample the best Korean food around!

Edgewater SGD Tofu & Korean BBQ, Edgewater, NJ

Edgewater SGD Tofu & Korean BBQ, Edgewater, NJ Edgewater SGD Tofu & Korean BBQ is a Korean restaurant where diners can have the authentic flavors and values of Korean cuisine. Here, the specialty is dobu, tasty tofu with a nutritious punch. So, come for the dobu and stay for the top-notch BBQ!

KBG Korean BBQ & Grill, Somerset, NJ

KBG promises the expert grilling that's out-of-this-world! Their signature Korean BBQ flavors are insured to transport you to a gourmet state of bliss. Enjoy a range of succulent beef, pork, and chicken dishes, expertly cooked to perfection to entice your taste.

Jjang Ga Nae, Cherry Hill, NJ

Jjang Ga Nae is the hottest spot in Cherry Hill! Stop in for gorgeously prepared Korean cuisine that will have you coming back for more. The fresh and flavorful offerings will not let you down at this charming restaurant.

Gayeon, Fort Lee, NJ

Gayeon, Fort Lee, NJ Gayeon is an exquisite traditional Korean restaurant. Immerse yourself in the stunning backdrop of Korean artwork and take pleasure in the authentic flavors of Korean cuisine. Make lifelong memories with your friends and family as you enjoy the serene ambiance of Gayeon.

Bibillia, Ridgewood, NJ

Bibillia is the spot for an irresistible and nutritious meal! Freshly-prepared Korean delicacies like Bibimbap and Noodles await you. Chow down on a flavorful meal by indulging in the freshest handpicked ingredients!

Koreander, Upper Montclair, NJ

The Koreander is a cozy oasis brimming with exotic flavors. Step inside and enjoy a hot cup of tea and made-from-scratch kimchi. Then, let the chef transport you to Korea through the fantastic dishes bursting with authentic flavors. Get ready to be wooed by the Koreander's inviting atmosphere and unbelievable cuisine!

Dol Restaurant, Fort Lee, NJ

Dol Restaurant, Fort Lee, NJ Dol Restaurant in Fort Lee is the premier place for traditional Korean flavors! They have alluring Korean Samgyeopsal and Bulgogi dishes, all cooked with particular attention to seasoning and flavor. Don't miss out on pampering your palate with the best Korean cuisine in town!

KPOT, East Brunswick, NJ

KPOT is the ultimate Korean foodie destination! Enjoy the perfect dining, combining the traditional Asian hot pot with unctuous Korean BBQ flavors. Let the flavorful eating frenzy begin!

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