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CoCo Key Water Resort


With over 55,000 sq. ft. of indoor Key West-style adventure, CoCo Key Water Resort is a constant 84 degrees and sunny all year round! Splash-tasic fun for the whole family, CoCo Key provides families with the opportunity to unwind and reconnect. Disconnect the Xbox. Reconnect the Family.


Tawana Williams-Barefield

Sunday, June 3, 2018
I just left CoCo Keys Water Resort today and overall my family and I had a wonderful time. We purchased one of the overnight packages which was reasonably priced. We were celebrating our 6 year old son's birthday and he had a ball. Our 2 year old son wasn't too keen on the water though. Lol The front desk staff was professional and friendly as well as all of the other staff at the resort. The food was good but, I would have liked to see more healthier options, also a vegan friendly selection would be nice. The arcade was cute and the ice creams were yummy. I would have given this a 5 star rating however; the rooms are in desperate need of renovations. I would recommend this establishment to a family who loves to have fun on a budget for a quick weekend getaway.

Stephanie Marcella Layne

Thursday, May 31, 2018
I would prefer giving it 3.5 stars. I used to love this place. The kids absolutely love it and it's a great getaway, but the water is so dirty you can see the film of dirt on the top, and how cloudy the water is, and no matter how much I shower and wash right after, my skin is itching for days. It's not that way when I'm in other pools or hot tubs, so I really want them to get cleaner pool water so I can go back without contracting other people's dirt and Dead skin. PLEASE! I really miss this place but I love my skin too much.

Lorraine Tucker

Wednesday, May 2, 2018
I was surprised with the environment. The hotel was located right near the highway which wasn't a bad thing. It just mean there were no chance of getting lost once we left the hotel search for something good to eat. All the restaurants were on the strip The kids had a great time. They really enjoys the water. Customer service was pretty ok. The kids would have liked a little more water rides but it still was a fun place for them.

Mia Settles

Wednesday, May 16, 2018
A little pricey, and could use some updates to the rooms. Overall, had a great time with the kids. The water resort was fun and heat controlled, but wouldn't recommend for toddlers (not that much for them to do). Also, the outdoor pool wasn't open to my husband's disappointment. Plenty of food options around the hotel if you don't want to spend an arm and an leg to eat. Also, there are mini fridges in the rooms. There is also a nice little arcade.

John Smith

Wednesday, July 4, 2018
I honestly wish I could leave a review without a star. This was the worst vacation experience EVER. We arrived after check in and waited in line just to wait again. The lady was nice enough & until I questioned how long we have to wait for housekeeping to have our room ready. She said "there's no time frame, rooms are not promised by 4pm" and she continued to slide a paper saying sign here, initial here, this your gift... the gift was chips & water :-( I was reading over the paper while she seemed to lose patience & she suggested the arcade while she holds our bags & send a text when the room is ready. The arcade was small, dark, & several games were broken. 1.5 hours later, I get back in line to get our bags to get our clothes & more attitude from the front desk but magically we get a room. No apology, nothing. The room was not cleaned well & wasn't the room requested. I disinfected the room which needs an upgrade. We changed to swim clothes, went downstairs & then they shut down the water park. Front desk never mentioned this so back in line just to wait again for Tom to say "you been here almost 2 hours & didn't get in the water" RUDE! No explanation but suggested we talk to Andrew J. The arcade was the front desk suggestion, our bags were in a holding place, they took forever to give us a room but somehow we did something wrong. By the way if our room was ready we wouldn't been in the water! THANKS to Andrew The pool manager we felt a little better although we didn't get to do much of anything he was patient, welcoming, smiled, and offered us dinner & game cards. He also explained why the pool had to close, operating hours for the next day, and the hours of the restaurant. The next day we tried Talia's and the waitress was nice, welcoming, smiling, we tipped her. We finally used the waterpark. We asked an employee about double floats & was ignored. Enough was enough we ended up leaving early. If the whole resort had the energy of Andrew & the waitress we might have had a better time despite the half clean room.

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