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Freedom Park Skatepark

Freedom Park Skatepark
86 Union Street


The Medford Skatepark concept was initiated in early 1997, when officers from the Police Departmentsuggested that the Township's Recreation Advisory Board (RAB) include a facility for skateboardersin one of the two new park facilities under development by the Recreation Department.

The RAB, after consulting with township officials, proposed the inclusion of a skatepark in FreedomPark. This former DiStefano farmstead property, totaling 140 acres, was acquired by MedfordTownship in 1991 utilizing State Green Acres funds.  Medford received two subsequent Green Acresloans to develop the property into a primarily passive facility, including picnic pavilions, playgrounds, basketball, sand volleyball and bocce courts, as well as paved walking paths, a dog run area, community gardens and a comfort station. This portion of the park was dedicated in July 1999.

After approval from the Medford township Council to proceed with plans for a skatepark, the RAB conducted several meetings with youth from the Township who were involved in skateboarding. These youth actually developed the concept plan and layout of the skatepark, by downloading plans from the internet and bringing photos of other skatepark facilities. Almost 50 youth to date have participated in the process.

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