Hacklebarney State Park

119 Hacklebarney Road

The freshwater Black River briskly cuts its way through rocky Hacklebarney State Park, cascading around boulders in the hemlock-lined ravine. Two tributaries, Rinehart and Trout Brooks, also course their way through this glacial valley, feeding the Black River. Even in the heat of midsummer, the temperature of Black River gorge is cool and refreshing.

Today Hacklebarney is a favorite place for avid anglers, hikers and picnickers, yet in the 19th century the park was a mined iron ore site. The gushing river against the grey boulders and dark green hemlocks creates a majestic beauty in any season.

Three rare and endangered plant species exist within the park: American ginseng, leatherwood and Virginia pennywort. Over a hundred bird species and wildlife such as black bear, woodchuck, deer and fox live in the park.

Horseback riding is not permitted in the park.


Ted Rempe

Wednesday, Jan. 3, 2018

A really great state park, the trails are well maintained and marked, a really great find for me here in New Jersey! I saw people of all ages enjoying the park and the trails.

Racquel Gilpin

Tuesday, Aug. 8, 2017

Love this place! It has become a part of our summer tradition, hiking the trails and just enjoying nature & beautiful scenery. We always bring a picnic lunch& a group of friends which equals a great time. The trails are clearly marked. Wear comfortable but sensible walking shoes and don't forget the bug spray.

Steve Brown

Wednesday, Aug. 2, 2017

Our favorite park. Beautiful hills and rock formations, some really decent water features, and plenty of picnic spots and benches to soak up the scenery. Most of the trails are either wide and paved, offering a plenty of easy strolls along the stream where you can check out the park's main attraction, the falls. There are two other more moderate trails that offer more of a challenge; the red trail that runs along the Black River, for instance, is unpaved and steep at times, with obstacles like roots and rocks along the path. It can be very busy on holidays and weekends, where many people take advantage of the numerous grilles and picnic tables dotted throughout the park; the sites along the stream tend to fill up the fastest as people camp out for the day and cookout, and can be a little noisy.

Stephanie Wasser

Thursday, Oct. 5, 2017

Great park! I have been going here for years, and it is such a treat. You can follow along the stream or hike the nice paths.

Vijay P

Sunday, Oct. 22, 2017

The red trail is a pretty awesome ! It's 1.8 miles and connects to the white trail and blue trail, overall a really pleasant exercise in the lap.of nature, please make sure you don't discard trash / chewing gums etc , let's preserve mother nature.