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Longo Planetarium

214 Center Grove Road
973- 328-5000

fter many years of planning and nearly a year of work, the new Madeline D. and Joseph J. Longo Planetarium has reopened! Our new Planetarium and digital theater – an $800,000 upgrade – offer more capabilities than ever before. Stay tuned for new programs and creative uses of our new, state-of-the-art facility.

The universe is just one of the many things we can present in our new theater. Now, almost anything that can be imagined in the cosmos can be presented in new and exciting ways. Our dome is perfect for our Introduction to Astronomy and General Astronomy classes here at CCM, but also perfect for presentations in Meteorology, History, Archeology, Communications and Literature. Local grade school students, who make up the majority of our visitors every year, will benefit from our ability to augment their educations in science and space science. 

Our new planetarium seats 91 people, and besides the new interior with new seating, there’s a new sound system, lighting and an exciting gallery of space images in the newly renovated lobby and entrance area. 



Friday, Jan. 12, 2018
If I could, I would give 10!!! stars. I just hung up, spoke with Christene - I think this is how your name is Kristen??- - at Financial Reimbursement. I cannot say it louder "What a great, helpful, knowledgeable and supportive person she is.". You went way beyond. I appreciate it.

Kelly Carmona

Thursday, Jan. 18, 2018
Can’t say enough about CCM. Lifetime fan here. My mother, me, my husband and our 4 kids went to CCM. Outstanding value. Better education here than some four year schools.

Sukh Singh

Friday, Dec. 1, 2017
Great county school. It’s a school where you need to get your education and leave as soon as you can.

Vic Brodie

Monday, Jan. 8, 2018
Great county college. One of, if not the best in NJ.

Chris Trinidad

Sunday, Aug. 20, 2017
This is going to be my first year. Hopefully some of these reviews can somewhat be a positive one.

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