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Northlandz is a 16 acre world class attraction developed by Bruce and his wife Jean. Included in this complex is a doll museum, La Peep Doll House, a 2,000 pipe theater pipe organ (which Bruce plays) and art galleries throughout. The building is reflective of the couples lifelong commitment to art, expression, and creativity.


The dream of the Great American Railway at Northlandz began over 35 years ago as the Williams' first home was being built in 1972. As builders would leave for the day Mr. Williams would escape to the basement and begin erecting scenes for his new basement passion. Mountain passes were erected complete with bridges and buildings.

Workers returning the next day, removed the new addition so they could continue their work. Bruce kept building the nightly exhibits. Thus was the beginning to a labor of love that has resulted in the world' largest model railroad.


Yevgeniy Shcherbakov

Saturday, June 2, 2018
Awesome place. It takes at least an hour to see all models. The owner says it took him 4 years to build the models - houses, bridges, landscape, etc. Very cool place to visit. It will be interesting for young and adults. The owner even played an organ for us. Prices are $15.75 adults, $10.75 kids. Visited in June 2018.

Dara Cooper

Monday, June 4, 2018
I enjoyed going here very much. All of the details and the intertwining of every aspect. When you're up top you can see how it all flows with what's at the bottom levels. There are little searches in certain areas and a lot of beautiful art pieces. This train set won the Guinness book of world records for 50000 square feet, which is extremely impressive! It's been there for 21 years and he is always changing some things around and updating thing. They even have a cute little train ride outside that goes around a bit of the property for about 10 minutes. I gave it a 4 only because I was trying to talk to the owner/creator and he made me feel like he just wasn't interested in sharing his story, which I'm sure is because he has explained it time and time again.

Sarah Landau

Thursday, April 19, 2018
Despite being a major attraction, there was an atmosphere of pride in what one man had wrought, pride and eagerness to share. The owner and creator himself collected our money. This appealed to our family of all ages. Breathtaking to think what one man did. There are many very funny signs explaining a section of the exhibit. Even the souvenir store had funny signs hung up.

Elena Fedina

Sunday, March 11, 2018
Absolutely insane. I can see why kids would love to spend their time here (lots of trains that actually move), but we had a group of 4 adults, and we spent 1 hour going through the first 25% of the displays :) you just get sucked into watching the trains move around and drive through caves and over bridges. And then noticing the small details in the scenes that give it all a different spin. Knowing what we know now, I'd say you need at least 3 hours to enjoy yourself.

Erin Kershaw

Sunday, April 8, 2018
Great effort, time and money went into this, but the dust and dirt is just too much. The displays were wonderful and the people who greeted us were very nice, but there was trash on the floor, dust everywhere and the bathrooms were so filthy and smelly I just could not go back here. There's really no excuse to not cleaning, no matter how small the staff is here. If they clean up, we'd definitely come back!

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