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Lebanon - Round Valley Recreation Area

1220 Lebanon-Stanton Road

The brisk blue waters of Round Valley Reservoir attract swimmers, boaters, fishermen, picnickers and campers to its scenic shore. The Round Valley Reservoir swimming area was created by the construction of an earth dam across a narrow waterway on the west side of the reservoir, separating it from the main part of the reservoir. The reservoir covers over 2,000 acres and is approximately 180 feet deep, the deepest lake in New Jersey. It has a water capacity of 55 billion gallons. The reservoir is stocked with lake trout.

Round Valley is one of the few parks that offers wilderness camping. The campsites on the eastern side of the reservoir are accessible only by hiking or boating. The campers' parking lot is three miles away from the nearest site, reachable by a steep and rugged trail. Cross-country skiers and sledding enthusiasts congregate at Round Valley in the winter months.


Antonio Kuilan

Wednesday, April 4, 2018
One of NJ's best nature spot. I love bringing my kayak here. Good hiking trails. Great camping spots, but reserve them in advanced! On a sunny day with no winds, the water is crystal clear. From your kayak, you can gaze down into the water below you around the lake margins and see all sorts of aquatic life. Be careful on the water. A sunny day can be complimented by random gusty winds. This will create turbulent conditions in the middle of the lake. Attempting to kayak/canoe directly across the lake can lead to your vessel being capsized. We did this once in a group. It was difficult. Kayaks were bobbing with water almost level around the kayak's opening. Round Valley has been called "NJs Bermuda Triangle" by many, because it has claimed the lives of over 2 dozen people, with some having never been found. There are all sorts of local mythologies that attempt to explain the deaths, from Indian spirits pulling unsuspecting victims down into the lake, to underwater ghosts from ancient submerged villages. There is nothing supernatural or mythical about Round Valley. Local weather, random gusts, cold temperature, and other factors such as attempting to standup in a canoe on your first paddle without wearing a life vest, attribute to hazardous conditions. Respect mother nature.

Saravanan S

Thursday, March 29, 2018
Nice place to visit and different views on summer, winter and during fall. Great place to spend time with friends and family

Krystal Bailey

Saturday, Nov. 18, 2017
It’s just like the best but you’re in a ocean. Make sure you go on a day it doesn’t rain or they will ask you to leave the park. It cost $5 or $10 for a full car load of people if live in state. Outta state goes up $5 or $10 more. Huge beautiful park. With fire pites. Although changing room is very unsanitary and smells very bad, does not have any toilet paper or napkins. Pee all over the floor. That is the only bad thing about this place otherwise this is a beautiful place to be on a sunny or hot day. it is better than the beach. it’s less crowded and safer for kids and there’s fish in the water and they will not bother you but it is a beautiful thing. They also have lifeguards All the time when someone’s in the water as well

mauro Z.

Saturday, Dec. 30, 2017
Had my son's 3yr old bday there. 60 ppl. Best place for bbq outdoor games, swimming. Vast Seating areas playground for kids and fishing. Hiking also available and raft and boat on the big clear water lake. A must visit.

Kirk Davis

Friday, March 23, 2018
Good boat launch and shoreline access to a large reservoir with trout and bass

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